The Benefits of ID Cards for Schools
The rise of disruptive behaviour and the need for greater safety in Schools has put the Schools and the Staff in need of greater security but at a cost the School can afford. This is at all levels from the local Pre-school, Primary schools, Secondary Schools, Colleges and Universities. This is not restricted to inside the school but also the access and perimeter of the school. Action needs to be taken to restrict this behaviour or violence and any unauthorised access to the school or its grounds. Ofsted requires schools to safeguard and protect Students, Staff and Visitors.

Visual Security with ID Cards
A Photo ID card system is a low cost and effective method to increase the Security within and around the School. The ID cards when worn full time by Staff, ensure they can be identified as the people of authority within the establishment and show Students and Visitors who can be approached for assistance. This also shows that authorised Staff are in and around the premises creating a more secure environment. Having staff ID cards that are worn all the time will identify any persons that are not permitted to be on the premises and they can be challenged very quickly. Non-Photo reusable ID cards can be issued on a daily basis for Contractors or individual Visitors when arriving at the site and ensuring they wear these at all times with the optional bright coloured ‘Visitor or Contractor’ Lanyards allows easy recognition of strangers. This is a major step in improving security for everyone in the school.

Identify Those in Charge
During a problem situation Students and Visitors can identify Staff who are trained to help to ensure the situation can be addressed quickly and safely when it matters most. The ID cards can carry additional information i.e. First Responder, Security, Fire Warden etc. When external emergency services are required Staff can be identified immediately and assist the Services with a rapid response. A huge benefit in time and security for everyone.

Student Identity
Students with Photo ID cards can be instantly identified as a current attendee at the school and shows those who should not be on the premises. This will also ensure those presenting themselves for any event or benefit entitlement, when in need of additional access to rooms or need reprimanding; the Staff have a positive ID for that person. This is another step in improving security for everyone in the school.

Photo ID Cards with Access Control
Take this one step further, pair the Staff ID cards with an Access Control System. New low cost wireless technology does not require expensive installation of equipment. Today’s ID Cards can have embedded chips or even use Barcodes or QR codes to allow easy and secure access to specific areas or rooms. This is a major benefit for giving Staff only access to areas Students are not permitted and can have the benefit of recording who and when access was granted and attendance. With access control cards the Students can register in and out of the school, be given access to restricted areas or use the ID Card to obtain dispensed products from vending machines or canteens.

Over 30 years experience

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