Privacy Policy GDPR.
We are ‘The Data Processors’, we process data sent to us by our Clients ‘The Data Controllers’ for the sole purpose of producing Photo ID cards for the Client. Castlemount Ltd Privacy Policy GDPR – Updated and reassessed continuously to protect our Clients Data.

  • Data we hold by consent remains the sole property of the individual Clients ‘The Data Controller’ at all times.
  • Castlemount Ltd will keep this Data secure for use with replacement, updated or new Photo ID cards.
  • Clients can request that the Photo ID Card Data is returned or securely destroyed at any time or after a given period has expired.
  • Clients can at any time withdraw consent for us to hold any information on them, their employees or their Clients.
  • Free copy of The Data Controller Agreement available to use between us ensure GDPR compliance.
  • Your Data is split between the individuals information (text) and images (pictures) and stored separately, never together.
  • The Data is stored locally on our Server and backed up to a secure Cloud Server each day.
  • Castlemount Ltd does not and will never share any of our Client’s Data with any 3rd party.
  • We will never use ‘Sub Processors’ (3rd Parties) without the written consent of The Data Controller (our Clients).
  • External IT company manages the safety and security of our IT Network & installs regular essential updates.
  • Our company is registered with the Information Commissioner’s office Reg No: Z5762981 at
  • All our policies are transparent and we will always be available to answer questions about security from our Clients.
  • The security of our business premises is paramount, this is reviewed, upgraded and tested regularly.
  • We securely shred all sensitive paper documents, photographs, ID Cards returned to us and any machine misprints ID Cards.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss Data Security with you and the 2018 GDPR changes we have made to ensure both we and our Clients comply with the new Data Protection Law, our contact page link.

Paul Bignell – Director / Data Protection Officer

Castlemount Ltd Privacy Policy GDPR – Last updated 8th May 2019.

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