Photo ID Cards are Great Visual Security Products

Showing Photo ID Cards when entering a building creates a safe & secure environment.

Many businesses now insist on seeing some form of company ID Card for service industry personnel and visitors.

We are committed to your Privacy and Security regarding the new GDPR regulations.

Photo ID Cards offer the higher level of security required by such facilities at all times.

Meeting clients or suppliers for the first time the Company ID Card shows clear professionalism.  The general public are also being told to ask for ID before letting strangers into their property.

We have been producing custom photo identification cards for over 28 years. With our range of software and hardware solutions to produce high level security cards; building in more security with holograms, embedded logos, magnetic strips, barcodes, signature panels, embossing, encoding & smart chips.

The Employee ID Card can be encoded for door entry systems, clocking-on or vending. We can also supply a comprehensive range of Proximity cards and UV cards combined with ID Badges.

Use colour coding to identify Staff, Contractors or Visitors immediately at a distance, we have Stock Lanyards preprinted with Visitor, Staff, Contractors, etc.

The information printed on the ID card is protected by a final resin coat that makes the printing ‘subsurface’. This protects the card from wear and tear and makes it virtually indestructible, the same process as the new style UK Driving licence.

We can supply card shredders for secure disposal of your old ID cards.

We are registered under ‘The Data Protection Act’ for the manufacture and supply of ID cards. GDPR 2018 Ready

Access Control Card

We can also supply Access Control Cards for many of the popular control systems.

Full range of HID cards, also PAC, KEYPAC, PAXTON, TDSI, COTAG, CASI-RUSCO
The cards can be supplied as blanks or we can print your full ID artwork onto the cards.
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