ID Cards Uncomplicated from Design to Delivery

Step 1.  Send us your logo,  address, telephone and business details.

Step 2. We will email you a draft design/proof for your comments or approval.

Step 3.  Once approved, send us the pictures and staff details.

Step 4. The ID Card are printed and sent out in 3 working days.

ID Cards Uncomplicated from Design to Delivery – Our service is used by hundreds of businesses, schools, colleges, charities and organisations throughout the UK. Castlemount has an automated system which allows us to produce your ID cards ID Badges very quickly. Once we create the design you can order any amount of ID cards whenever you need them, there is no minimum order.

Everything can be done by email or by sending the information by post. Have an idea or a design for an ID Card, send it to us and we can advise you on how to make it work and email you a PDF layout or printed sample. The full design of the card is included in our service, simply call us to discuss your individual ID Card requirements on 020 8464 2020.

Include your logo . . .

If you would like to include your logo we would need a Jpeg, EPS or Tiff file; or we can also scan a printed letterhead or document if you do not have your logo on file. Please also include, if you know it, the Pantone colour reference or RGB values for your logo, or special colours.

Taking pictures . . .

Digital cameras are cheap and the basic models will do this job well, as the final image will be quite small or you can use a Mobile phone to take the pictures.  The medium or low setting on most cameras or phone cameras is good. Photographs or Passport photos from booths can also be used as we do not charge to scan a photograph.
Choose a room with as much natural light as possible, with your subject facing the light source. Position the subject against a white or neutral background and ensure that there are no wall charts, notices etc. on the walls that will show in the picture.

Pictures should be a jpeg file (.jpg or .jpeg) png or pdf, portrait format and ideally no larger than 200kB in size. Use a flash if you have one as this will give better results even in natural light. You should position yourself so you have a head and shoulder shot only in the viewfinder or screen. Ensure the subject looks slightly to the side and not directly into the camera lens.  We check and adjust every pictures to ensure it is suitable for the ID Card.

Head and shoulder shot for an ID Card  This is the type of Head & Shoulder shot that would be excellent for the Photo ID Cards

Sending your information . . .

The pictures should be named or numbered and attached to an email with the relevant information for each ID card. i.e. John Smith picture DM0001.jpg. This information can be supplied in a spreadsheet, database or simply typed text in the email as this helps to eliminate spelling mistakes. Do not hesitate to contact us should you require any assistance with sending us any information or pictures, we are here to help. Call us on 020 8464 2020.  ID Cards Uncomplicated from Design to Delivery.  We are GDPR 2018 compliant