Access Control Cards with Photo ID.

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A plastic credit card size card with a range of Chips, Magnetic Strips, Barcodes or QR Codes containing encoded data that is read by passing the card through or over an electronic device or scanner, to provide access to restricted or secure areas or to other systems.

We print the Photo ID onto the ‘Chipped’ Access cards which have inside a per-programed unique and random number (code) which when logged into a system will identify the person and allow an action to be performed.  RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification. The acronym refers to small electronic devices that consist of a small chip and an antenna within a Credit Card size plastic card.  NFC stands for Near Field Communication. NFC is still an emerging technology; RFID, however, is currently in widespread use all over the UK.

We can print the Barcodes and QR Codes onto our standard cards with a unique code, which when presented to the scanner has the same action as the chipped cards. These ‘Access’ cards can allow the user access or privileges that others do not have.

  • Door entry system for a stand alone door or a complete School, Office or Complex.
  • Attendance records for Staff, Students, Members or Security personnel.
  • Student purchases at School, Library books, after School activities & Events.
  • Corporate Car Park access, Lockers, PC login, Photocopiers etc, etc.
  • Bus or Transport pass, ‘Touch in and Touch out’ as you travel.

We use Magicard Prima 4 & Prima 8 Reverse Transfer Printers especially for these type of cards as the surface can be uneven and not suitable for the standard ID Card printers.

The price of Access Control cards can vary immensely depending on the type of system they are used on. This can add a great deal to the original price of the installation and any ongoing card costs. Gathering as much information about this before purchasing any system is highly recommended, talk to us.

We purchase all our Chipped cards from the Manufacturers Authorised UK distributors which ensures the best quality cards and not the unregulated imports.  Contactless Cards – Proximity Cards – Contact Cards – Tokens & Fobs – Stickers and Tags.


We never have access to or store the information on the Access Control Cards – GDPR.

We are registered under ‘The Data Protection Act’ for the manufacture of ID cards and secure storage of Data. . We are GDPR 2018 Compliant.

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